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The attention of the building that rent is nodded
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As the rapid development of economy of our city market, the city tears open the strength of change to increase, advance what the city changes a course further, the situation of the citizen building that rent is relatively general already. Do not suffer enroach on to protect the legitimate rights and interests of masses, the building type that is opposite 9 kinds to must not be rented especially undertakes enumerative, give remind.

      one,   did not acquire building property lawfully the building   of card

      building droit card is obligee owns building property lawfully and to the building exercise is had, use, the only of accrual and punish right is lawful proof. Rent without building droit the building of card, the rights and interests of tenant cannot get very good safeguard. Because, did not handle building property the building of card, be like dispute of occurrence property right, tenant may not own lawful building because of lessor at any time authority belongs to certificate, be affected by dispute and cannot get the safeguard of rights and interests.  

      2,   the building   that is waited to ruling, decision closes down or limit the right with other form lawfully by mechanism of court, public security

      rules lawfully, the building that close down or the building that limit the right with other form, original fee other right is like the person's building the right such as power of occupation, access, earnings is in certain level will be restricted. Lease this kinds of building, because,tenant is met the flaw of building right, make bear hire the right to cannot get legal protection.  

      3,   did not obtain mutual person to agree with hack to share building  

      belongs to the building of mutual property right, be in was not being asked for so that share a person to agree with hack consistently is below the circumstance cannot hack. Even if the person with mutual great majority agrees to also cannot rent, because, lease this kind of building, can encroach the rights and interests of mutual to agreeing with hack person.  

      4,   authority belongs to open to question building to cannot hire  

When the property right of       building is in unidentified condition, counterpoise namely belong to open to question, at this moment, the lawful sex of the building that rent will get ensuring hard.  

      5,   violate the rules and regulations builds  

      did not obtain the lawful construction formalities of program branch to build a house, also did not fill later get program license. This kind of building, belong to the building with construction program not neat procedures, program branch is supervised to applying a program to execute the law actually at any time. Rent the tenant of this kind of building, its add up to right beneficial to have to be less than protection.  
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