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The process that rent a house should take care: Fine number is illegal the 5 big
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Legerdemain one:    of diddle building hire

Company of a few illegal intermediary is making a building the name of rental representative, the empty buy that cheats so that building key reachs a month from inside owner hand with all sorts of favourable conditions period, the way that pays with the month pays rent, publish low to rent advertisement draws the public figure that rent a house at the same time, if tenant takes a fancy to this room, want to pay the means of 3 to pay a building rent with detain at least, and more it is to adopt half an year to pay, year pay will pay rent. Illegal intermediary uses this kind of method, short-term inside can gather much ready money, next wait for one's chance carries a paragraph to run away, reach the person that rent a house to bring huge belongings loss to owner thereby.   

Legerdemain 2:    of price difference of a huge sum

Illegal intermediary uses all sorts of favourable methods, after diddle owner trusts, with the building of extremely small price representative proprietor, pass on with not the name that collection intermediary expends rents by market price case, earn price difference of high specified number thereby. Cursory consideration, for nothing buy period increases balance share, amount should be in at least 3000 yuan of above.   

Legerdemain 3: Pretend to be landlord diddle intermediary to expend   

The illegal intermediary in this fraud should hire an appropriate house to make stage property above all, find out a clerk to pretend to be landlord from this company next, the rental value that to all clients the newspaper gives far under market price case. Every time after the shopper looked room satisfaction and false landlord to the lot issues a contract and hand in intermediary to expend, this false landlord finds out all sorts of reason to did not agree to rent again. When the client looks for a company to withdraw fund, the company says both sides already signed the contract that rent, intermediary service has been finished, landlord belongs to home remedy break a contact, intermediary cost does not grant to return.   

Legerdemain 4: With illegal means diddle the charge    of all sorts of name

It is firstly " cost seeing a room " . The process of this fraud is the client hands in 300-500 yuan " cost seeing a room " hind, guide a client to look by armour clerk " a house " (of course this house is basic nonexistent) on the road second clerk hits a phone to pretend to be landlord to say to have temporarily the thing does not go, time sees a room or let this client additionally be written down about " owner " telephone number, at this moment armour clerk can say: "You already got in touch with landlord, according to the contract cost seeing a room does not grant to return. "   

It is secondly " information is expended " . So-called information cost is to hire room person and intermediary company to be not amounted to on charge of the representative that rent when agreeing, intermediary company can offer favourable way, after hiring room person to pay the brushstroke fee with not much amount to namely, it is 300-500 commonly yuan, intermediary company can be offerred to hire room person a certain number of Fangyuan information, go contacting by him person that rent a house.   
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