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The building is rented how relet
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Ask: Live in the Mr Zhou incoming telegram of cropland Lin Ercun to enquire, a when he has 3 rooms of 2 hall from housing, via its luxurious the nonlocal traveling trader that job is in Shanghai gives at renting in October 2003 after decorating, length of lease arrangement is 3 years. But should return place because of travelling merchant of near future other place, reason and he discusses to want relet hire housing. How does Mr Zhou ask relet is dealt with? How to sign a contract?  

Answer: To former bear hire a guest to want to return place to work and cannot rent former housing, and adopted relet kind, its are the compensation of break a contact that wants to reduce former tenant to want because of terminating a contract to assume actually. Usually, except tenant relet agrees in clause of original contract complement outside, relet wants inside the deadline that rent, above all, should ask for those who get original letter is written agree square but this building part or all relet other. The 2nd, want to notice the deadline of relet cannot lease time formerly more than. The 3rd, the hire that relet is like after relet is more than original hire, bilateral can agree how to allocate. The 4th, tenant relet building, should press regulation and turn bear hire just sign written relet contract, be in estate of area, county to trade to this building by the regulation the center is dealt with register put on record. The 5th, the clausal content of relet contract must not exceed the range of provision of the original contract that rent. Resemble this kind of situation that Mr Zhou encounters, because former tenant wants to return place, after reason suggests to fulfil new tenant in former tenant, remove by Mr Zhou the renting contract with former tenant, change to sign the contract that rent afresh by Mr Zhou and new tenant had better.

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