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The building is rented should pay close attention to legal problem
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A lot of      people perhaps can have such misunderstanding: The building photograph that rent wants than buying and selling a lot of simpler, basically do not have the problem that too much need pays close attention to, even many people think the contract that rent is dispensable.
Actual condition however rather, the tenant in be being rented as a result of the building is not building droit person, he gains limited access from droit person place only, because this is inside the deadline that rent, the use of the building scope of application of tenant, relevant establishment and charge are assumed all due and definite agreement. And to landlord, the effective control that rents the building inside deadline to already broke away from his after all accuses, how to ensure oneself rent profit, protect a building to be not damaged artificially again at the same time, avoid to hire passenger beak a contract to be retreated ahead of schedule after hiring " the person goes the building is empty " passive case, these problems need to the both sides that rent reachs consensus beforehand and enact relevant measure. Author basis carries out medium concerned example, the problem makes the involves possibly typical law in be being rented to the building be generalized, hope to be helped somewhat to the reader.  

One, identity of party of the affirmatory both sides that rent above all, needing certain interested parties is individual or company. If serve as lessor or tenant with company capacity, the contract that rent must reflect this to rent behavior is company action, otherwise once appear problem, find out the legal responsibility that should assume by the company originally very hard to the individual. Next, tenant ought to go up according to property right card the obligee of account, or the rightful tenant that signs the contract that rent with the obligee of the account on card of this building property right, whether does the opposite person that will sign the contract that rent with its certainly have truly rental the right of this building. If tenant and the person that do not have rental authority actually sign the contract that rent, criterion classics of this contract beard has authority letter approbate, before this this effectiveness of the contract that rent has not decide. If unauthorized, tenant faces the adverse unfavorable situation that lacks active contract possibly.  

2, type of building of affirmatory building type is divided basically use a room to live with room and blame two kinds. The building that tenant should select corresponding kind according to need bear hire. What special need reminds is, if this bear hires a building to need to be used at handling official bussiness, must choose to be not live with the room. Because if involve,handle business license, only building type lives to be not use a room, department of industrial and commercial administration just is met the nucleus sends business charter. The record that specific building type wants to go up according to property right card is affirmatory. Additional, after define building kind and choosing to get used to type building to rent, during rent inside tenant does not get do sth without authorization to change this building use, will inspect behavior of break a contact otherwise. For example, live not to get change of do sth without authorization to live to be not with the room, still need to obtain the approval of concerned branch with the accident except both sides.  
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