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Vigilant " the cheater that rent a house " bilk a few old way
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Cheater: Make   of next heavy gold trap

A good price is worth      house lease glad, but each house-owner must not excited " only heavy price not everybody " , let cheater get chance.  

     each building rents the data of supply and demand of the company to show, the market is in the status that seeks for be more than at present, outside dividing specific close spruce area, empty buy volume rises somewhat. Nevertheless, it is good from house position of oneself that a lot of house-owners feel, communication is easy, before two years lease high price, also be no problem for certain this year so. But he does not have the big environment that considers the market, also go up without the establishment of form a complete set inside house and the building does those costly hack to compare. The house-owner that has this kind of state of mind loves to put the value in very much the first, also leave an opportunity given by to cheater thereby.  

The renting manager of an intermediary company tells      the reporter, the target of relet cheater is the position more the house with higher rate of good, demand, their main way is to pretend to be lodger to rent below one suite, next again pass on the name with landlord house lease, from which diddle hire price difference. Its characteristic is to face house-owner very easy, give paid rent tall (tower above of many more average than place rent 10% above) , not captious, demand is little, but lease is very short, it is a month normally; The excuse that cheater place uses is to decorate a building more, bring a kind into play temporarily, they do not have a family member commonly, and what property won't be removed inside past room. Some cheaters also look for intermediary even, be in nevertheless on connection after house-owner, they always are made in order to weigh gold, requirement and house-owner clinch a deal under the counter. So the personage inside course of study reminds a building to give tenant, in encounter hire period when very short tenant, house-owner must careful consider, ask a circumstance more, because although not be cheater, certain and short-term the stability of the person that rent and the problem with also exist particular to the care respect of the building. Additional, house-owner people do not lease the building finish sth, also answer to undertake communication with lodger regularly, can resolve the difficulty that lodger is being maintained or waits for a respect with property contact already so, OK also him monitoring building state, but house-owner also should notice not to impare the regular job of the person that rent a house and life, both sides can keep the kind that can accept into contract provision.  

The person that      rents a house: Saved   of penny compensate big money

     is discerning as to the person that rent a house certain difficulty may exist when false landlord, but if advertent, fraud still always can be put in a few careless mistake. To achieve the goal of kite, the means with the most commonly used cheater is a condition that give inferior, but alleged hire closes is a year, and the certificate that they offer is average not all ready.
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