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Expert clew: Sign secondhand house business contract should have 7 must
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Last week, city is built appoint publish new edition " commodity house opens to booking a contract " demonstrative text, first " book of subscribe of Beijing commodity house " also will begin to use on March 15. This the contract is revised make before clause of a few Xiang Yu the Conqueror gets eliminate, protected the consumer interest at weak force group thereby. So, be in secondhand below the circumstance that house business did not publish contract demonstrative text version, what should consumer notice when is the autograph made an appointment with? "Catenary home " the professional personage of market research center thinks --  

1. Must affirm house-owner is true identity  

Buyers and sellers needs to check an autograph to make an appointment with the authenticity of main body above all before signing a contract, basically be the status that checks house-owner. Accordingly the authenticity to owner certificate and the consistency of its and owner identity are the premise condition that signs business contract, do business in him buyers and sellers especially and serve as without tripartite between two parties below the circumstance that assure, this problem more the attention that needs to cause a client.  

2. Must make clear   of bilateral responsibility of breach of contract

Because house property trades complex and amount is larger, can appear sometimes the state that expect is less than, cause behaviour of break a contact. Dispute over trifles to can avoid to appear later phenomenon, need keeps the responsibility of clear both sides and right clearly when signing a contract, and the liquidate amount of penalty due to breach of contract and time, the principle that follow is reciprocity of right of both sides duty.  

"Catenary home " discover great majority is at present secondhand the scale of the penalty due to breach of contract in house business contract has specific provision to make clear, but specific to be being done not have however between compensate Fu Shi money, this meeting causes beak a contract square accordingly protracted pay time, make actual sanction of the clause drops with executive force, because should be joined in this contract " buyer rises in the day that pays due actually (the bargainor rises in the day that makes a room actually) indrawn seller of day of _ of _ of _ of _ of _ of _ _ _ (buyer) pay penalty due to breach of contract " clause, in order to ensure of contract provision fulfil finally.  

3. Must indicate pay   of time of change the name of owner in a register

Money of meeting general house divides the buying party in be being operated actually head pay and two parts are in tail section different time paragraph hit house-owner. Accordingly, the payment that the bargainor needs to make clear buyer time, and at the same time the disbursement of tail section the date of change the name of owner in a register of house property of time hang on, because this buyer has the right,know the time of change the name of owner in a register of house property. If according to of criterion of exceed the time limit is actual,the circumstance just implements the responsibility of breach of contract in the 2nd money by break a contact.  
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